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At Rayvat Rendering, we offer high-end photo-realistic 3D Rendering Services that breathe life into your designs and help to market your projects effectively. Our graphic-rich renderings are created using the latest rendering platforms and the latest tools in the Architectural Visualization field. We push the boundaries of photo-realism using the best tools in the Archviz industry to provide you imagery that boosts your projects’ marketing potential.

Why Rayvat Rendering For Your Business?

There are a host of great reasons why you should consider working with Rayvat Rendering, and these are just a few of them!

  • A Range of Experience: Our creative team is well versed with 3D architectural rendering software programs like Autodesk Architectural Suite (3DS Max, Autodesk Revit, Maya), Post Production (Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC) along with a multitude of plugins like Railclone, ScatterPro, and Forest Pack.
  • Right First Time(RFT): We work hard to ensure our work is error-free and 76% of all our deliverables are approved in the first instance by our esteemed clients.
  • Average Setup Time: Our average setup time is low. From project confirmation to kick-starting the execution, we have averaged 33 hours.
  • On-time Delivery(OTD): We have averaged 94.7% adherence to TAT timeframes in 2015-16.
  • Engineering Utilization: Only 8.4% of project parts by time have subcontracted to our partners in instances of peak demand.
  • Cost Efficiency: As compared to global benchmarks, we have achieved 63% cost savings – Source – Human Capital Report – (about US geography)

Why 3D Visualization Is Important For Your Design?

3D visualization makes it easy for clients to understand their designs in-depth. Customers are often unable to comprehend 2D plans and find it very hard to visualize what the spaces that are depicted will look. 3D visuals do this for them; creating lifelike images that they can easily comprehend

This maximizes the design potential and aligns the result in line with client expectations, ensuring that the design of their dreams is executed to perfection. As all architects know, making changes at the planning stage is far easier regarding time, effort, and money than redoing a structure that is already under construction!

Spaces can be tested and improved, leaving no room for error or uncertainty. Again, the approval process is much smoother as design choices and layouts are very clear. As a result, there is no miscommunication and rework.

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We have worked across a spectrum of projects ranging from Real Estate Development, Residences, Hospitals and Offices to Infrastructure and Hospitality, to create architectural renderings, visuals, walk-throughs, and animations. Right from complicated high-rise structures to low-key minimalistic designs, we have delivered architectural renderings that detail out every subtle nuance of each design.

Advantages to Builders and Real estate Developers

Real estate agents, developers, and builders can use 3d views as a great marketing tool to create enthusiasm for the new project. Potential investors are more likely to sign on the dotted line when they get the real feel of what is in store for them. With 3D rendering, you can eliminate all the guesswork and make the right choices.