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Differences between an Interior Designer and an Architect

The life of an interior designer can be a fulfilling one. They are the ones who create and execute everything that you see in your home from colors to furniture placement, all while making sure it matches your taste. On the other hand, architects have a much more technical job. They design buildings and then work with contractors to make them come to fruition.

What is the difference between an interior designer and an architect? Interior designers are usually more focused on design while architects are focused on functionality. It’s important to note that both professions have similar skillsets, but in different areas of focus. This article will go over some of the similarities and differences between these two professions.


Architects are the men and women who design buildings. They plan out every detail, from where to place each piece of furniture down to what type of window should be installed. Architects can work for either private companies or public entities such as city governments.

Interior Designers

In the past few decades, interior design has become a profession of its own as it once was. Gone are the days where one would hire an architect to do the exterior and an interior designer for the inside – now, many people employ both professionals to plan their entire home.

How Designers and Architects Work Together

Designers and architects are often seen as two different professions, but they work together to create the best design for a project. This is how both parties collaborate on projects:

Architects will provide designers with space limitations. The designer will then use their skills to make the best design possible within those limits. Designers also have access to software such as 3D modeling programs that can help them visualize what an interior or exterior would look like before it’s built.

Designers are able to bring their creativity and innovative ideas while working with architects who know about construction-related topics like building codes, zoning regulations, and more.

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