3D Virtual Staging Services

Save precious listing time and thousands of dollars while increasing the footfalls via leads by breaking down the imagery/visualization barrier that often accompanies the house and apartment searching process.

What Is Virtual Staging?

Virtual Staging has emerged as a major technological advancement in Home Staging techniques. It is a cost-effective option for traditional physical staging. Virtual Staging allows the use of latest trends in furnishings and decor to prepare virtually staged photos of vacant homes, producing exceptionally photorealistic staged images for realtors, homeowners all around the country.

Facts on 3D Virtual Staging

Rayvat Rendering Studio provides a spectrum of 360° Virtual Tour Services as follows:

Benefits of Virtual Staging vs. Traditional Home Staging

There are many reasons more sellers are choosing 3D virtual staging over the traditional way of home staging. Below are some of the most significant factors for this phenomenon.

Virtual Staging Offers a Better Platform for Digital Marketing

It isn’t a surprise that over 80% of potential home buyers start their search online. What is more interesting is to recognize that 87% of those potential buyers noted that high-quality images are the most critical aspect of any listing. With the majority of home searches being online, utilizing visually-compelling images in the listing is critical to attract and retain the interest of buyers.

Virtual staging allows sellers to showcase each room at its highest potential. Listing images of vacant rooms put too much pressure on a buyer to conceptualize the potential of a room. Virtual photos allow buyers to more easily visualize their own furnishings in the space and demonstrate what can be accomplished aesthetically. In addition to the added value of professional photos, virtual staging is significantly cheaper than traditional staging.

Virtual Staging is Cheaper Than Traditional Home Staging

While home staging can provide a significant ROI for some sellers, not every seller has the budget to afford expensive furnishings to do so. This is especially true if the home is listed in the market for a longer period of time. The invested benefit may also not return well on smaller to mid-range homes that need a staging budget in lower thousands.

For a few hundred dollars, sellers can utilize virtual staging to create photo-realistic images of every room in their home, while showcasing individual spaces at their highest potential. This helps avoid expensive furniture rentals and the hassle of maintaining the house while it’s listed on the market.

Virtual Staging Allows Limitless Design Elements

Depending on budget, traditional home staging offers limited variety in terms of interior furnishings and décor that best suits your listing. With our high quality 3D virtual staging service, you’re provided a vast portfolio of furnishing options that are constantly replenished to match the latest in décor and furnishing.

A Rayvat Rendering Studio’s virtual staging will cost you below 0.1% of the listing price. This manifests in thousands of dollars in savings and valuable listing time versus traditional staging options. Our 3D Artists stage the interiors with current, on-trend home décor from top retailers such as Wayfair, enabling you to attract a larger pool of prospective home buyers and renters. Our 3D virtual staging service helps you showcase the property in multiple design configurations to suit potential buyer or renter’s tastes.

Contact Us Today. We shall Get Started in 3 Easy Steps!

Step 1: Submit Listing Images & Reference Design Styles

Provide reference interiors in terms of flooring, décor, and lighting for your listings and our 3D artists get to work, customizing each virtual staging as per your target market’s needs.

Step 2: Review, Provide Markups and Approve Your Virtual Stagings

Our team will submit proofs images for your review, adjustments, and approval in 24-48 hours. Once approved, proof renders are converted into high-resolution, photo-immersive premium renderings.

Step 3: Easily Incorporate Virtual Staged Images in your Listings

Quickly upload your high-resolution premium renderings on your listing page, and take advantage of our additional visualization capabilities (3D Interior Rendering / 3D Exterior Rendering / 3D Floor Plans, etc). Also, every order comes with first-class customers and our dedicated account management team.

Check out a few of our 3D Virtual Stagings Below:

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