About Us

Our philosophy is that every creative we prepare is a unique piece of art, where our clients can achieve to express
all emotions, forms, and vision for the project, making it ‘Unique‘. Our deliverables have two essential elements:
Passion for art and Dedication to the client.

Welcome to Rayvat 3D Rendering Studio

Since inception 10 years ago, Ravyat Rendering Studio, Headquartered in has been
steadily growing while assisting global clientele for high impact 3D Stills and
Animation. We provide a bouquet of services across Architectural Visualization,
Animation, Product Modeling, and CAD Drafting & Modeling domains.

The backbone of our studio is a team of skilled 3D Artists and Drafters, having hands-on experience in executing 3D rendering projects across geographies like the USA, Australia, European Countries like Germany, France, Netherlands, Sweden, etc. With extensive experience, Rayvat Rendering Studio stands out as a reliable partner for your 3D Architectural Rendering needs. We constantly strive to break the visualization barriers and nurture strong client relationships.

Range of Services We Offer

3D Architectural Rendering

3D Architectural Animation

Product and Furniture Modeling

CAD Works

Desire Meets Design

Still, 3D imagery is the central theme of our offerings. Your designs are accentuated via a photo-realistic 3D Rendering that has a life-like projection, thus helping our clients in showcasing complex design ideas through Architectural 3D Visualization techniques.

Jet, Set, Go. Swift, Precise, and Efficient; that’s how Rayvat Architectural Rendering Studio works. Explore your intent of visualization meeting design via our renderings. No matter the budget, if you have a desire, we have the skill and willingness. We have a firm grip in the field and an ear to the ground.

God is in the Details

We aim to make available a quality that reflects the aspirational appeal of your designs with exceptional quality renderings. Our prime differentiating factor is the knowledge base of executing 3D Rendering projects across the globe through which we possess knowledge of every construction specification. Rayvat Architectural visualization studio possesses an eye for details resulting in architectural 3d visualization collaterals worth showcasing in marketing campaigns. We believe that opportunities for discovery and creativity come from digging into the details.

Enabler For Deeper Coordination

3D Rendering Services have a tremendous power of creating new possibilities. We provide Architectural 3D Rendering Services to clients with a chance for customization across environment setups, lighting, and weather conditions for 3D Exterior Renders and furnishings, decor elements, and finishes for 3D Interior Renders .

Since the real estate sector is a mix of multiple stakeholders including Architects, Interior Designers, Landscaping Designers, Realtors, and Developers, it’s imperative that designs are frozen beforehand to avoid costly time and money overruns. Our 3D rendering services enable deeper coordination among the stakeholders during the markups stage where the inconsistencies in the design are eliminated resulting in quicker execution timeframes down the line. Our 3D Architectural Renderings bring visualization closer to reality, other than the sense of touch and feel, you can be there …!


Jinendra Shah


Mr. Jinendra Shah, the humble and experienced business entrepreneur is responsible for managing the company, formulating and executing long-term strategies, and interacting with clients, employees, investors and other stakeholders. He is Rayvat’s original decision- and policy-makers, setting the tone for the company’s values, ethics, and culture. Mr. Shah exemplifies Rayvat commitment to helping its clients achieve high performance. He is a proven leader, with deep expertise in developing strong client relationships, a passion for building outstanding client teams and a disciplined focus on operations and execution.

We help you to reach / achieve your final design without any hindrance.