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Our era is dominated by technology and innovation and that is fortunate so. Smart technologies and efficient transportation are making our lives easier. With all this great innovation, it’s kind of a wonder why so many people still haven’t chosen to live greener.

If each one of us would make at least just one eco-friendly change, it would still make a significant impact for the Earth. If you are willing to make a small change but not sure what, here are top ways to make your house more energy efficient.

Best Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Lower your thermostat

When you are not at home, lower the temperature on your thermostat. Even such a small change as dropping it by 3 to 5 degrees can significantly saving energy and reduce your monthly utility bill. You can go even further and lower it by 10 to 15 degrees. As a result, you can save 5-15% of energy a year.

Switch to low flow shower heads

Going greener, you can also improve your home’s water efficiency. One way to do this is by installing a low flow shower head. Such shower heads use different technologies to provide good water pressure but with low flow, usually below 2.5 GPM. Conventional shower heads, on the other hand, usually have the water flow of about 5 GPM.

Start a compost pile

You can keep your organic waste in a container or create a small pile in the backyard. Composting means that the organic waste will decompose over time. Decomposing your fruit and vegetable waste will produce a valuable fertilizer, which you can then use for your lawn or garden. This way you will significantly reduce the amount of trash your household daily produces.

Limit the application of the space heater

Most space heaters on average use 1,500 watts of energy which makes them quite a costly appliances to run on a continuous basis. So if you still want to keep your hand and feet warm and toasty in cooler winter weather, be sure to invest in an energy efficient space heater. Also, it’s better to get a portable unit. So you would be able to use it only in the room you will be in at that moment. When shopping for the best space heater, read the guide which features comparisons and reviews of top rated products.

Seal all windows

Another way to lower energy costs is by sealing windows around the house. It’s especially important to do this if your windows are very drafty and there’re cracks in the drywall. To seal the cracks and gaps, add a bead of silicone caulk.

Don’t let the water run unnecessary

Be conscious of running water while doing dishes, brushing your teeth or shaving. Also, if you love bathing, think of switching to showers. Bathing typically uses about 75 gallons of water. Showers, on the other hand, averages around 17 gallons. Also, avoid running your laundry in a half loaded washer.

Replace incandescent bulbs

LED lights last longer and are more energy efficient compared to old incandescent bulbs. Considering that an average home uses 40 bulbs, such a switch can be a great way to significantly save on your electrical bill.

Don’t leave the unused charges plugged

A cell phone or battery charger that is not in use  but is still plugged in, is still using energy. When not in use, an average charger consumes 0.26 watts of energy. When connected to a phone it is 2.24 watts. So while it might seem that alone such charger left unplugged doesn’t make much of an impact, collectively it can be responsible for 10% of your utility bill.

Avoid using hot water

When using your washer for laundry, opt for warm or cold water temperature instead of hot. 90% of the energy used by the washer is taken up by the process of warming up the warmer. Running the machine takes only 10%.

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